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A single man
His pale skin
Turns to a hard shell
Laid evenly
Forms to bricks
All that's left
A silhouette
And the eyes
Globes of pale blue
They dry
Shriveled raisins
A gecko crawls out of the slits
Eats the raisins
The stone work empty
Left for pigeons and ivy

She grew so fast
Just to hold me down
Poisoned me
Held my breath
She covered jaded eyes
Blinded me
Crushed my tears from their core
She displayed me with petals
White and yellow
She bit roots in me
Through my ears and lips
Drained of all liquid
My body wrinkled
New bloody buds appeared
with deep redtipped thorns
She grew greener, taking more of me
taking all she needs
Left me as a withered captor
Keeping me
Holding me

Your Scarred Boy
Upon birth
He was held down
White men snipped him
They held his mind as a globe in their paws
Telling him to see nothing
Yet making him see all in white
Wanting him pure
While yelling
"You are not a snowflake"
In condescending tones
Gold chains were tied to his arms
locking him to their appendages
He became a society marionette
The would lift a hand and he would nod
A twisted wrist and he'd say no
He would walk their way
talk their way
and wear the black rimmed glasses that signified
the intelligence of the men who owned him

the picure at the top is Ophelia by Jason Beam