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Survival of the Brightest
With the death
and the hate
and the word
gone to hell

The simpletons
and conformists
all act nice
and compelled

They dance
and sing
and they live merrily

And forget
all about
the conspiracies

But our minds
that are smart
and our minds that are just
will destroy
the hopes that
man forced upon us

We will cause
man to linger
and make him want hell
us people will get
heaven all to ourselves

I could tell her truth and lies
just to hold her by my side
Make her love me with my eyes
make her see that we are right
Make her laugh and make her cry
I know with out her i would die

Her eyes a majestic black
Her skin so smooth
Her hair is demanding
her gestures so rude

Oh how i want her
Oh how i want to be deep inside
Never can i have her
'til she feels that love is right

She must want me
(i need to be needed)
Can't she want me
(how long have i pleaded)
Her Sickness
The serial killer hides in the dark
Watcing and waiting and finding her mark
Her eyes are black with a hint of dull red
They control men as she takes them to bed
Her hair black and wild like a crazed bat
Left over pubes after every attack
A sexual appeal like no other
She morphs her body to look like mother
The skin on her a sweet, sweet pale pink silk
She glides on past men like creamy fresh milk
She holds a dragon with ruby red eyes
The knife that stabs with whispering lies
She draws her signature in man pig's blood
As a black widow spider she seems loved
And she ponders on her limp penis throne
She wonders when her name will be well known

the Soul i need inside
You can't be
that one I need inside of me
I can't see
all this hate inside of me
You can't be
the one here to set me free
I can't see
how you could ever set me free

Thinking of you
ice cold thoughts
Thinking of you
stone cold prosperity
Thinking of you
blinded by apathy
Thinking of you
It just can't be

Pheremons, Endorphins
the thoughts they are causing
Chemicals in my blood
can't understand love

You can't be
that one I need inside of me
I can't see
all this hate inside of me
You can't be
the one here to set me free
I can't see
how you could ever set me free

Being in you
left with uncertainty
Being in you
slow down quit eating me
Being in you
can't see prosperity
Being in you
blinded by apathy
Being in you
it just can't be
life from yesterday 'til tomaroow
It's so demanding
everyday of my life
The suffering and pain
why can't i just die
A spiritual euphoria
or Hellish crap
I don't care where i go
as long as I go in a snap

The boredom and the tedium
are too much to bare
the interest in the games I play
are as fun as my ear
Not thrilling but well annoyed
What happened to life with joy
Where did my insides go
Will you be here when i blow
Oh, how i wish i'd stayed dumb

Great Expectations
I never had expectations to meet
never had to do more than scrub feet
I never had a wretched girl by my side
never had a criminal pay for my ride

And yet i wonder why deep inside
I need Great Expectations to be alive
Why do I want to be the proper man
Why do i want to be innocent again

Do i really want all that rich galore
or do I want to screw every whore
From I to Me
You are the one deep inside of me
You hold me down so i can't breath
Your tears of joy are lost to me
My desperate cries are never free

___I am that one deep inside of you
___I hold you to all that's pure and true
___I made our veins clensed anew
___My ravaged hate is growing too

___You cried
I'm caged up
___You lied
that's made up
___You tried
to stay up
___You died
I gave up

___Just shut up i don't want to think about it
___My mind is crying out, disturbed and torn and crowded

This need you need to control inside of me
is causing me to believe I am never free
held down and breathless and so paralyzed
Why can't we speak inside and make everything all right...

Ghost Whore
I can't complain how life affected me
i cannot feel it's inner necessity
I live no longer in my body
Conjured only for your sodomy
Organics burned and whisked away
I haunt your dreams night and day
You have your pain felt regrets
Knowing forever you're in my debt
Sticking my soul to never rest
For always I shall be your geust
Sleeping Awake
The dancing checkered spheres
Twist and turn everywhere
An angel male falls to the sky
to bring me down so very high

Two lanky arms they drop me up
to lay me upside down
To a quaint silenced grave
in my violent eager town

The city lights unexsisting here
Blast the pain to be insincere
And i become the crow-ned heir
To a spewing fountain of despair

And i float up as misty cloud
through the airs ground
to fall out of this town
To once again feel nothing
With a false upside down frown

To wake again and feel the sleep
And realize my existance bleak
This boring lile troubled world
full of hopes and dreams
Gives no hope to change at all
in my deprived common reality

What to think?
What to wonder?
The world tells me,
then makes me shudder.

It has a loathe for freedom brought,
and knows that one day we all rot.
Forced to apathetic lies,
no one ever really tries.
Then once all over again
we only have a choice to sin.
We sit and ponder all false hopes,
and fill the worlds triumphant gloats,
then wonder some more abroad,
loosing into numbing fog,
of mindless motioned thoughts
that feel today souls will rot.

Ogre speaks in sing song
so does the inner mind
can't say i am an ogre
though appears so on the outside
my ugliness befits me
my mind can't stand it's noise
head burns with thinking thought
can't stand my inner side
desperate calls for freedom
release of stress indeed
the ogre of the inner self
wants free, more so, it needs