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Winter Knife
Caught in a world of true bitter night
stuck under paleness of dull moon light
screaming and screeching with all it's loathe
wind tearing down in an unknown cove

Creeping blindness on snow so bright
helping destroy the mind that's so right
lying bodies in a winter grove
creating a tale to be unwove

Tales of the wind dancing on lakes
slowly wandering forsouls it takes
wisking by on a cold barren morn
hoping that spirits will soon be torn

Causing torment to the terror it makes
laughing about at the souls of fakes
watching the old and stealing new born
the wind will now calm all spent and worn

  Fallen Angel
I, as a solo minded being have challenged the stability of their beliefs
I know they watch me
I feel the pressence
I know they want me
I feel their need
I, inside my derranged mind of insanity, know, for sure, they're out to get me
I run from them
I stand from my waken sleep
I leap
I crash
I fall
I am trapped in this giant white room
They have me
I'm gone
once again, in a lonely mind

Fallen Angel, again
I lay
I blink, fluttering eyes
I see the bright white light, then pure blackness
I see the white again
Flickering through conciousness I begin to see my world
Th black and whiteness blend together, shapes and colors form
The jungle forms
The evil in the jungle forms
The hatered of instinct forms
I rave
I tear the leaves from the trees I smash coconuts on the ground
I pull out my knife
I attack the little bugs crawling on me
I stab them all the way through
The blade stabs in my leg, I don't care, i killed the little bugs
Then I hear the rumbling
Wide-eyed I turn
The big bug is coming again
The big bug wants to hurt me more
Behind the big bug walks the conformists, again they come for me
Again I run, I run with bleeding half amputated legs
I leap for safety within the lake
I crash against invisiblity
I fall
I blink, once again I am in the white room
No blood just bruises
My legs are fine, I think
I don't look at them I stare straight up
I stare at the humming lights

Thoughts will melt to ice
Women's sugared spice
Children chant within
Childhood created sins

Evil demons lurk
Fists now go beserk
Pounding on my head
Peaceful thoughts all dead

Love a faulted thing
Sex for everything
Raped yourself last night
Don't you just feel right...

Pink Floyd

Van Gogh
Starry Night

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