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White lake
Autumn's leaves
Snow dropped to the hill
Warmth in coldness
Numbness in a brittle body
Crisp lightning struck
Roses blossom
Fierce wind
Red shawl
Glaring eyed boar
Running, wanting
Lighting fire
Breathing once more
Nothing for granted
Everything dreamed

  Last Moment

Laying sleepily on feathered bed
Relatives wandering around
Deep calming breathes
Sleeping down
Mumbled regrets
Daughter's pefume
Baren tongue
Green Vase
Dreamed daffodils
Eyes shut
No violet dawn
Heart beats slow
Nothing left of me
Crumble away


Pieces fall
tumble away
skin peeled
sweat dribbles and dries
The mind set in vacant skull
Muscles now brittle
Bugs chew
Breaking to pieces
bones petrify
rotting with a plastic grin
the body hollow