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Leather tied him to the ground
spiked collars
fractured ankle bones
held by platinum chains
linked to silver balls
Which lie upon rotting cadavers
with their bog stench
Who never smile like merry
skulls holding silver pieces
in their sockets
Not even cockroaches
would act upon these carrion
For which he is destined to become

That day i made her pissed
All I did was show my beauty to the world
and all i did was show true love for my girl
And she hated me
Marinated me
cascaded me
'til i was blind

She dispised me
and lied to me
crucified me
then stabbed me in her mind
o i'm so blind

All i did was give her simple truth
then i qouted a Shakespearean "forsooth"
She then could only look me in the eye
the stated simply "I'm with another guy"
o i'm so blind

All I did was show my beauty to the world
and all i did was show true love for my girl
yes she hated me
defecated me
debated me
'til i was blind

and she dispised me
said bye to me
took her knife to me
and jabbed me in the eye
oh how i'm blind
how i'm blind...

He stood
Auburn crumpled hair
Abandoned airstrip stretched before him
A red sun of twilight boiled is blood
Bugs mounted on his pale
skin. He stood motionless
Ignoring the little legs
Scuttling on him
pricking him
Forgetting hunger turning his stomach
He watched the taunting
bird. The eagle that soared
He felt its glare
the yellow eyes
that pierced. their black slits
gorged into him. A solid beak staying
silent. Gliding over barren land
Holding him still with beauty
Making him wait
to be released from pinions