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random rant
I can't be all that you want me to be
I never could break from deep inside of me
All i want is your body next to me
All i need is to feel you breathe

Why can't i be what you want me to be
Why can't i feel more than this apathy
Why can't i be more than you want of me
Why can't i for once just break free

slowly to justice
Slowly i realize
nothing is right
Slowly my feelings
loose the uptight
Slowly i let my self
fall from my grace
Just to hold my lips
to your face
Just to make sense
of a petty pace
Just to feels those
eyes in your face
Slowly i create sins
and fall from grace
Just to have your lips
caressing my face
5 secs to life
you'd think that everyting you do and everything you say and everything you want would just flow your way
You'd think everyting is nice with that sugar and spice but this is earth
no pleasant place
you have to work your arse off to win the race
And for what?
You don't know when you'll fall down to that last resting place
open doors
the door was opened in the middle of the night
fingers slithered from side to side
the loving hate bestowed upon me
the switch was flipped and shown on me

Incandescent nighs
full of fear
the women brings guilt and fright
forced out the tears
the man would yell and blame it on me
they clamped me down i couldn't get free
Only through closed doors could i reach

Emotions srtung in granny knots
My mind is warped from simple thoughts
My brother sleeps all peacefully
Why is this hate only with me

Dryers noise
techno hate
Why can't my mind
be simply straight
Why am i stuck in the middle of the night
with a phobia of open door fright