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Friends sites
Jennifer Harmon's This girl is a cool Alaskan, or is it Korean, you'll have to ask her where her loyalties lie
Sammie's this chick is awesome, she wants to be a stripper
Amanda/claire She is sweet 'cause she's a lot like me
Free Condoms

The links I've gone to more than once
Napster Get music
Alamak great chat room here
Send a voodoo Here is a great site, freak out everybody with it.
Bunny Grenade funny shit, blow stuff up or be a klepto, just play the games and watch cartoons
Sluggy Freelance good psycho comic,aliens eating people,a bunnie trying to kill people with a switch blade,its funnie when he tries to kill santa
New grounds Another site with fun disturbing games
Penny Arcade you know i like this place but i keep forgetting to do stuff on it
Jason Beams Art Work This is one sweet site, but don't go purchasing all the prints before i get a copy
Hotmail Need free e-mail badly? Hotmail.com is your great escape..get rad, free e-mail for an awesome price....for FREE!!