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Intro to me

To those of you searching for creative yet sligtly disturbed minds, you have come to the right spot. I am a hypocrite like everyone else, but I admit to it. I have a prejudice towards ignorance and yet i know i'm still have my ignorance. I'm also prejudice towards prejudice people. So i hate myself, but a least i can justify my prejudice.

I live in North Pole, Alaska. I graduted last, well, june i suppose was the official date, and now i work for Fred Meyers, if you don't know it it's one of Kroger's stores. But being 18 isn't as fun as it should be, so still i wait for the freedom of college. Speaking of which, Elmira, i love you, thanks for letting me be a part of your student body. Anyone ever visiting this site that's going to be going to Elmira college, Elmira, New york, e-mail me, the addy's at the bottom of the page. Also anything you want to see on this site tell me, if i want it it'll be there.
Intro to the site
under a little constuction now, i have a few things working better now, my keyboard works completely so tell me if you find any mispelled words and it'll now officially be my fault, ok, i still don't have pics of my 3-d art but i now have many pics on my friends etc. page, yell at me if you think i'm down right disgusting hit on me if you think i'm fine and dandy.. or just give me any feed back please
Yves Tanguy
Recieves Grace

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what is wrong with you people, sign the guestbook, i have less then 10% signing it, if you're a bussiness man just browsing comment, get paid to say something to me, if your someone who doesn't really give a shit sign it and tell me, if you come to this site take the minute it takes to sign the guestbook and do it
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M.C. Escher
hand w/ reflecting sphere

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