friends, etc.
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I apologize for the inconvience of having to scroll right to see the rest of the pics but it's really not my fault enjoy

This awesome chick, is my ex, Juliet, notice it's prom night my hair is blue

This chick, well this just happens to be my little sister, Mika
These 2 people are the best in the world, you got my best friend josh, and my little sister again
k, here's me grad night, hate the blond.
me Christmas morning 2000, but you're probably sick of me by now, so lets go on to the next picture
This cute little creature, is my kiki dog
This is satch, the lazy young pup that we own
and my brother, kirk, enough said...
sara, our adorable vengeful kitty
I just like this pic so it stays i don't know where it is so don't ask
That's nicker there, old dog nice thing great creatue
This is an alaskan sky
This is my sis and my brotehr and i at my sis's 8th grade graduation ceremonie or whatever
from left to right, Jenny mika kayla and then Josh,
that's kirks nose though