Friends whatever
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Amanda and Marissa
check out them high heals
Bren, Jen, and Chris
Brenna, with the camera there is hot, though you can't tell from this angle but she is, and she's also smart and extremely artistic, i have a thing for her, the next jen well you'll get a lot about her later on, and then Chris the one posing is short cute and also artistic, i'd say more, but i don't know her that well
Brian Smart
you can't describe this guy, really you can't. try and you'll confuse your self, the best however is that he's my jay if i am the true Silent Bob, and i just might be
Di and Cass
these twins well there's just fun to hang with, and i might as well mention their cousin Nat whose fun to talk to
There's me Cliff and My brother
cliff there, he's a nice mormon dude
There's Jen and behind her is Matt
Jen, the only thing i can say i was obsessed about. i shook that bad habit, and you can go read the Poem named Jen to maybe understand a little better, in fact about a 4th of the poems i think are about her, and also well the fantasy picture was i dunno kinda my fantasy towards her. the guy, matt, is her fiance.
Josh, Adam, and Jennifer Harmon
Adam, adam and i have been i guess friends for about 6 years now, played soccer together and hung out a lot, and jennifer, surprisingly enough is the person i've been hanging ut with almost the most this summer besides josh, i had a crush on her way back in sixth grade, back when crushes really meant nothing, and it was a distance thing so i never even became friends with her until way later on like after graduation, but yeah, that's about it for the history of me and her.