Poetry 7
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A Once thought Juliet
It's your breath
I'm breathing

Those lockes
of your hair
No smell
can compare

Every ice cold slur
Makes me sleet
Every reasonable word
Makes me think
I don't know how
you found this side of me
No matter what
you can't stop breathing

Your laugh
brings out a sun in my eyes
your smile
makes me forget teasing lies

any act that you can devise
i sink into you i compromise

I want to be that
breath that you're breathing
I want to be
every note that you're singing
I want to roll
around on your tongue inside
Before you open up
and breathe me life

Sept, 11 2001
We are all fat in our heads
stupid and ugly
But to be vain for my country
my mind is but putty
I take in all the nations pride
wear my red, white and blue
And listen to an everyday hick
in a blue suit on the news
I hear him say "Let's fight
let's all take a stand
We'll go back to the ages
when we cut the theives hands
They made an eye sore
in a capitalist city
Let's take out their eyes
without feeling pity
Let's once again
send our children to war
After all with out pain
life's just a bore
We'll watch kids skin
melt and burn away
Who cares what a mother of 18 years
and 9 months has to say
MEN should fight, should be
gun totting fools
I'm now the president
i make the rules"

Do you know what i feel
for this daddy's boy stance
A sea of pain and anger
a need to reprimand
What happened to our peace
our love our joy
This man's idea i curse
i'm annoyed
Thousands of this nations
sons and daughters just died
All our fearless leader wants
is to show our might
No, i say and
No once again
I won't help the free
land create sin
I won't help leave a world
where my children must hide
I won't help create a world
where Arabs should die
I won't run amuck
chaotic and wild
I won't take a gun
with a smirk and a smile
I stand where i am
with the morals of a nation
I'll take the thousands'pain
without explaination
But i will not retaliate
or place any blame
I will only stand tall
and live in America's name