friends forever?
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Julie and Ben
See Ben, if you see him in real life beat the hell out of him, that lovely lady he's next to was phsically abused by him, alright, thanks
Isn't she cute, i think i treat her too much like a little sister, but oh well she is rather young, but she's great, always fun to laugh at, er.. with
Nikque and me
Nikque's been my friend for awhile i'm not really sure when we became friends or really how we met but we hang and her boyfriend hates me for a good reason, but i swear i didn't mean it, or if i even did it, i don't know
Jenny Stables
Hot, alwasys too kind, and nice, that's jenny for you
there's brenna again, alright i have to admit now i have this huge thing for And then there's josh and chris beneath aren't they smashing
Eh, i already told you their names
ONce again my last night in alaska before i headed off to college was spent in Denny's, how strange that's the last place i am before i leave, so many good memories and so so many more to come
see me in the back, yeah it's great isn't it
Pat, Ryan, Jennifer, Josh, Adam, John, this is truly a motley crew,